A Brief Introduction to Dandelion Market

The Dandelion Market takes its name from a famous outdoor market that thrived in Dublin city center back in the early 70's. Starting out as a one-man gig, Eamon “Sheepskin” Cannon sold sheepskin coats from his front doorstep. Friends soon joined in selling anything from denim clothes to vinyl records. People from all walks of life could be found haggling with the street vendors; you never knew what you might find in some of those stalls. It was the place to be, growing from clothes and food merchants to a showcase of creative wares from the city's poets and artists. Live music soon began to vibrate through the cobblestone streets where farmers traveled from far and wide to sell their produce. U2 even played one of their first concerts there!

The Dandelion Market became an assault on the senses - a place that was fashionable yet essential to its city's life, morphing over the years into a cultural landmark that today evokes nostalgia for a time when life was maybe a lot simpler - when it was easier for people to focus on a few important things: friends, food and family. Strangers became friends in that place. And to think it all started with one man and a sheepskin coat. We suppose it's just a part of what made that moment in time so special: making a trip to "THE DANDO."    

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